Owl & Key


The Key is about unlocking potential in ourselves and in others.


When we started Owl & Key, we set out on our own journey to create freedom and flexibility to live a more intentional, fulfilled lifestyle. We designed a life and a business to honor what we value most in life...time. By building a life and a business that honored our time, we’ve been able to spend more of it with the people we love most, travel the world and pursue meaningful work.

As we’ve grown, we see ourselves as a platform to help others do that same thing for themselves. In fact, the KEY in Owl & Key is about unlocking potential in ourselves and in others. It’s about unlocking ideas, unlocking relationships and walking into the unknown trusting in the outcomes. For us that means bringing people into our space to further our own journey and in turn, the journey of others.

Therefore, we’re seeking out partners. People who can operate with us. People who can live in their authenticity and their zone(s) of genius. People who we trust endlessly and who have the confidence to push the boundaries, create impact and believe in possibility. People who honor their strengths and lead the the rest of us. People who can challenge and encourage us to learn and grow through compassion and constructive feedback.

We are an incubator for people to live their best, most intentional lives. We honor each person’s ‘why’ in alignment with our own. Unawareness is not a thing here. All members of our team are those who are interested in walking an enlightened path.


Our Values


We are building a community of partners across the board in every role, from everywhere.


Our team is and will always be everywhere. We believe in the power of people and living your best life wherever that may be. We use tools and trust to continue to deliver awesome work for our clients and our internal projects again and again.

We believe in creating opportunities that align with our partners’ wants, needs and desires for their own lifestyle. In order to do that, we are bringing on team members that actively want to use this work to support themselves in whatever way is most suitable. For example, if you want to take on a project to fund an upcoming home renovation, we can make that happen. Or maybe you’re going through a career transition and would like more consistent work. We could also make that happen. Or you’re passionate about design in all forms and want to deepen your skills. That’s covered too. We have projects rolling in that can support many types of specialties.


Current Remote Openings


As we continue to grow and our needs evolve, we’d also love to hear from you if you have experience in the following: Digital design, web development (front & back end dev), content strategy, social media, photography, videography


Our goal is to attract the most motivated, experienced, thoughtful and growth-oriented individuals.


We are looking for those who are eager to be a part of this community and want to be a part of something meaningful. If you’re interested in learning about any of the projects we have, we encourage you to take the next step.